Our Inspiration…


Musicians & Artists

The punk rock musicians and artists who inspire us to ask questions, and to seek out the knowledge, truth and perspective that empowers people to bring forward meaningful change. One favorite sound bite comes from Joe Strummer of The Clash:

“And so now I'd like to say - people can change anything they want to. And that means everything in the world. People are running about following their little tracks - I am one of them. But we've all got to stop just following our own little mouse trail. People can do anything - this is something that I'm beginning to learn. People are out there doing bad things to each other. That's because they've been dehumanized. It's time to take the humanity back into the center of the ring and follow that for a time. Greed, it ain't going anywhere. They should have that in a big billboard across Times Square. Without people you're nothing. That's my spiel.
Joe Strummer, The Clash

Unsolved Problems

And to get a little bit corporate - Sean Parker.  Sean cofounded the file-sharing computer service Napster and served as the first president of the social networking website Facebook. He is a well known entrepreneur, innovator and philanthropist who said:

If you’re going for a really huge opportunity, try to find problems that aren’t quite on the radar yet and try to solve them.
Sean Parker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist

Bravery & Courage

Another source of inspiration is the movement by the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who are standing up for what they believe in and are making us take another look at the world around us. These young people are bringing forward change, and they have a perspective of the world that we don’t have.